Sunday, March 24, 2013

The Power of Open Heart Living

Nash featured lying down at center

The quite space that is created when I meditate is an awakening and an opening to lovely, subtle gifts.  My morning practice begins before the sun rises.  I find my way in the dark to my pillow, clear my mind with cleansing breaths, and silently repeat whatever mantra is in my spirit on that day.  When I open my eyes everything is brighter.  That awakening has created a space for my 11 year old son, Nash, and I to share sunset walks, walks I wish I had shared with my older two children who are now in college.  I had not created that quiet space inside of me when they were younger and sometimes feel a bit of sadness for that loss.   But for Nash and me, those walks have become a staple in our daily living.  Even when he is tired and questioning Mommy's silly practice as I coax him away from computer time, or Lego time, the miracle of the sun coloring the evening sky gold, purple and fuchsia lights us both up inside and we are better when we return.   

I always thought of that quiet space that has opened my heart as an unseen, private gift, but yesterday that gift was reflected back to me.  A surprise birthday party at New York City's Carmine's restaurant that my lovely daughter orchestrated with my best friend, Karen, was a million sunsets, and a million brilliant colors lighting up the evening sky.  In that moment, my two older children along with friends I love and cherish joined me and Nash on our sunset walk.